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Bob Gessey

Project Title

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Summary of project

Comedy drama in which a married couple who have been tied up while their house and savings are robbed must work together to free themselves. Has their marriage deteriorated to the point where even this task is too much for them to achieve as a team?

1. Quality of the project:

Mr and Mrs Blenkinsopp are tied up in their dining room while a robber heads to the bank to empty out their account of their life savings, after forcing the pin number out of Mrs Blenkinsopp. The couple bicker before coming to the conclusion that they must try to free themselves and call the police. They must put credit on a mobile phone before they can make a phone call and in the course of their efforts to do so the robber returns to question why their savings account is empty. Mrs Blenkinsopp is forced to reveal that she has been siphoning money from their savings for plastic surgery and other expenses and has emptied the account. The robber leaves in disgust and Mr and Mrs Blenkinsopp are left to ponder the state of their marriage and their future together. What on the surface appears to be a story about a robbery is actually the study of a marriage put under the microscope during a few moments of great stress, during which time the couple’s love and ability to coexist and work together is tested.

The dialogue is amusing and the characters are a real and witty portrayal of an unhappily married couple. The script perhaps runs somewhat long and could be polished to shorten it and improve its pace.


2. Visualisation/Style:

The writer’s depiction of the mundane details in a strikingly unusual context are what makes the story amusing; the arguments over the merits of a contract versus a pay as you go phone while the couple are tied up and being robbed are funny and entertaining.


3. Feasibility:

The script would be simple to shoot and the writer appears to have taken this into consideration in his planning and scene descriptions. The script could be pared down without losing its essence and this would be beneficial to the pace and overall impact of the piece, as some of the jokes are stretched a little too far in this draft.


4. Originality:

The script has a funny and pointed concept and a unique approach and storyline that employs relevant themes and touches upon the financial strains normal people are facing in a humorous manner.




Funding recommendation:

X  Shortlist




The project is certainly worthy of consideration for funding because of its refreshing comedy and topical references but requires some further attention to its structure and length.


Signed: N Bulley

Date: 1/12/09